The bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi is the root cause of the disorder called Lyme disease; this is usually transmitted from a bite of an infected black-legged tick. The name of the disease was taken from a place called Lime where a number of reported cases arise several decades ago. For those who are suffering from this type of disorder must undergo treatment immediately so that the organs found in your body will not be affected. Sponaugle Wellness Institute is one of the places where people usually go for Lyme disease treatments. Rest assured the doctors in this institute are well-versed and knows exactly what to do in order to alleviate their patients' condition. For those who know less as to where to find this place then they can simply search these words online: Lyme doctor Florida or Sponaugle Wellness Institute. Should you wish to know more about this disorder then just visit this website and click here.


One of the most common diseases that are transmitted by ticks is the Lyme disease; this type of disease is usually prevalent in countries situated in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are exposed to woodlands and heath areas most of the time then there is a big possibility of acquiring such disorder. Without a doubt many organisms live in those places and some of them are infested by tick. It is expected that the onset of summer and autumn are the seasons wherein occurrences of this disorder is relatively high after all people tend to do a lot of outdoor activities during this tile. All you have to do is visit this site and click here if you want to know the places in the world where Lyme disorder is common. Know more here!


The signs and symptoms of Lyme disease are divided into three stages. One can easily determine if he or she has a Lyme disease since its earliest stage would manifest this so called bull's-eye rash. The unfortunate thing is that this doesn't happen to all patients most of the time, this is commonly called erythema migrans. There are other symptoms affiliated in this disorder, these includes the following headache, fatigue and stiffness of the joints and muscles, fatigue and swelling of the lymph nodes. Watch this video about health.



If you think that a person affected with it will be safe once the redness are gone well you must reconsider for the bacteria might spread in other organs and could worsen your condition. This could also cause heart failure that is why urgent intervention from lyme doctor florida or Sponaugle Wellness Institute is necessary to avoid any complications like the latter, click here!